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Sustainable SEO can be broken down into 3 steps


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Build Engagement

We offer simple SEO solutions for busy creative professionals

We offer DIY solutions to help you rank better on Google, and to learn how to use SEO to attract the best clients in your market, and successfully stand out from competition in your industry.


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Rave Reviews

“I had attempted to learn SEO from several sources but I always felt like the information was unorganized and hard to understand. Not only did this course make SEO easier to understand with organized modules, but my organic traffic has increased over 300% after putting the information provided into action!”

Amanda Schmidt , Orange Blossom Bride

“I have a love/hate relationship with SEO - I love what it does for my site, but I HATE working on it. It is complicated, always changing and most of the information out there is too technical for people like me. But the information Shea and Brenda provide is actionable and encompasses things that you can do right there and see results, even for people that have a love/hate relationship with SEO.”

Brandy Blackford , Sweet I Do's

“Every time Shea and Brenda teach people about SEO or other website related topics, their information is so meaty that I have to watch twice to get as much out of it as possible! My traffic has increased with everything they have taught me.”

Laysha Powers , Irie Matrimony

“Statistically speaking, Google is consistently one of the top ways that engaged couples find their wedding vendors. So while SEO strategies should absolutely be a part of every wedding professional's marketing strategy, it's an overwhelming concept. What I love about Shea and Brenda is that they know small businesses well and are able to tailor their education so that the idea of mastering SEO (and reaping the rewards as a result!) is obtainable”

Meghan Ely , OFD Consulting


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