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Why Conquer Your SEO?

We help you get more traffic to your website

There is nothing more exciting than pouring your heart and time (and money!) into building a beautiful new business website, and seeing it go live.

And there is nothing more disconcerting than realizing that nobody is seeing it.

Your amazing site is just sitting there in the abyss of the internet.

All of that work, going unseen by the eyes you want on it.

We are here to make sure your hard work pays off in traffic to your WEBSITE

Together, we divide and conquer to stay on top of the latest SEO changes to help creative entrepreneurs like you get (and keep) Google’s attention.

SEO specialist Shea Bailey enjoys being knee-deep in research and staying up-to-date on the latest changes in search engine optimization, so that you can focus on your business and not the nitty gritty details of Google’s latest weird way of doing things.

Meanwhile, Brenda Cadman is constantly on top of the website side of things like optimizing sites for page speed, so that your visitors can easily navigate your site.

Brenda knows what questions to ask, Shea knows how to answer them, and Brenda knows how to interpret the geekery into words and actions you can understand and use.

We are yin to each other’s yang.

The total SEO education package

Together, we provide a total package of insight, wisdom and education, all aimed at getting your site seen by Google, and by potential customers.

You built your website to grow your business, not to take up space on the internet.

We are here to help make sure it does just that.

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