Shea & Brenda

Meet your Instructors

Shea Bailey's Headshot

Shea Bailey

SEO Specialist

Shea is the SEO subject matter expert at CYS, and the go-to guy for any SEO or Analytics questions. If you want tips on how to optimize optimize optimize, Shea is your guy!

Located in: Austin, TX

A bit about Shea

  • Loves to travel so much he’s added it into his business, whether it’s traveling to other countries or taking long road-trips around the U.S., especially to areas of the country he hasn't visited.
  • Has a real passion for research, SEO, and dissecting analytic data. He’s a geek deep down (his words!) and if he could make a living doing research for people, he would do it!
  • As a mental exercise, he loves to think through the process of creating and building new businesses – doesn’t matter what kind of business – from sales and marketing to distribution. No idea or solution is too outrageous. Shea says it helps him get new ideas that he can implement in his current business. We think it’s just because he needs an excuse to do more research.
Brenda Cadman's Headshot

Brenda Cadman

Website Specialist

Brenda is our resident website expert at CYS. She’s in charge of all things course and content development... and she'll chat your ear off about the value of page speed optimization for your website's SEO.

Located in: Charlottetown, PEI

A bit about Brenda

  • One of her biggest joys in life is well organized containers and file folders with pretty labels. Seriously.
  • She’s a real lover of coloured gel pens and notebooks. She has a legitimate problem with collecting notebooks. She’s a digital girl through and through, but her thoughts come out best pen to paper.
  • January to November, her excitement builds for Christmas, mostly because of her love for of all things Christmas baking (the baking, the eating… the butter tarts).
  • Brenda should own stock in DAVIDsTEA. Full stop. If you ever do a video conference with Brenda, chances are better than not she’ll be sipping some of their inventory.
  • Presently knee deep in renovating her new-to-her 1850s house. She spends an unhealthy amount of time on Wayfair looking for light fixtures.